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About Kogaion Secret Travel

Come with us in a place without Time !

Kogaion Secret Travel was established to be close to those who want to know the true cradle of humanity, to discover its true history, following the footsteps of the wise and ancient Dacians, the descendants of the Hyperboreans.

Sarmizegetusa Regia Valley is an area with a tremendous energy, unique in the world. The uniqueness of this area is not given only by its energy, but also by the fact that this area is a living being itself. To penetrate its core, first we need to know it, to understand it. This area chooses the tourists itself, allowing some of them to know it, to penetrate it, and postponing the others, turning them back from their road.
To get into the profoundness of this area, we need to learn how to recognize it. The Nature is showing us signs with each step we take, guiding us and accompanying us all the way. Many itineraries are known only by the locals which are the true keepers of the history and legends of ancient Dacians, a nation with a flourishing civilization.
The tourists will have an exuberant experience, watch unprecedented landscapes, feel a contagious silence and will enjoy an outstanding and healthy cuisine, on such realms where the Nature still preserves her virginity and the people their purity. We will accompany you on a journey into another world, where some of you will always return. We dearly welcome you into the core of Romania !
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Sacred Romania Itinerary

Introduction into Sacred Romania – The Ancient land of the Hyperboreans.

10 days Tour

* The date is relative depending on the volum of the registered tourists. The availability of the itinerary is upon request. The group should consist in 10 people, 20 people, 25 people or more.

Kogaion Secret Travel invites you into the core of Romania to discover the true cradle of humanity and its true history, following the footsteps of the wise and ancient Dacians, the descendants of the Hyperboreans.

Emerged from beyond the Northern Star, coming off from a world of fairytales beyond the boreal circle, the Hyperboreans are Dacians’ ancestors, grandparents of the Pelasgians and the parents of the first human races. Here were born the First Ones, the Immortal Gods, the “Merry” Ones, the Giants, Gods that were worshiped by many ancient civilizations. Recent specialty writings highlight the true cradle of humanity, the spring of spirituality, the place where the Gods are born and become one with Creation itself, the point where the Sky merges with the Earth. The birthplace of humanity is called in the language of ancient Dacian and Romanian language today, ACASA (in Romanian means at home). This is the base word of the term Akasha, which is the universal memory, holding all the information about the Creation of Universe.

The mountains have always been the dwellings of the Gods and the Carpathian Mountains are mentioned in the most ancient historical writings as being the cradle of humanity. The meanings of the Carpathians are very similar in many writings. Thus, KUR-PAT, in Sumerian means “The Mountain of the Princes” and KARPATA, in Sanskrit, means “the Governor’s place” and CARPE, in Latin – “your mountain”.

Along the mountains, these sacred giants of the Dacians, there are numerous monuments and settlements, caves, underground galleries, sphinxes and other formations of the Nature which have the role to maintain the humanity connected with its divinity. The sphinxes used to function, in reality, thousands and thousands of years ago, as bizarre spiritual emission-reception devices. These areas were known from the ancient times as sacred and on the peaks of the mountains, there were discovered numerous reminiscences of some ancient temples from thousands years ago. The sphinxes used to work not as celestial radio devices but as amplifying stations, the spiritual and energetic flux being resent towards the whole world.

The Dacians worshiped Saturn which they called Zamolxis or Apollo. Zamolxis, recognized as the God of the Goths or Dacians in common history, has a much richer background and exalted history than is generally known in Western society. One of the oldest Gods in European history, Zamolxis has often been cited as the archetype upon which different religions were based which include but is not limited to Mithraism, Zorastrianism, the Egyptian religion, Judaism, Catharism as well as others. While there is a history that Zamolxis taught Pythagoras, a reverse mythology has been created to make it the other way around. Zamolxis is most known for having entered life as a human being and through initiation by beings in the Inner Earth was able to transcend the human state and become Immortal, a God.

We will follow the line of the Carpathian Mountains up to the mysterious Sphinx of Romania, to the Babele (The Old Women) in the Bucegi mountains, visiting the Carpathians Valleys and then resting and recovering into the Valley of the Golden Thrones, at Sarmizegetusa Regia, the Royal city.
The two major tourist attractions are located at above 2200m altitude (2216m, to be precise): the Sphinx, an old stone looking like a human face, and the close by ” Old Women” (Romanian: Babele), a rock formation resembling human silhouettes.

The silver belt of the world - CLICK HERE !

People talk about an old special traveling route in these mountains, called “the silver belt of the world”, 8 hours long and quite difficult, with a lot of ups and downs – yet at the end nobody feels tired, but relaxed and joyful. Some say that’s because this route overlaps with a major energy flux of the planet. It starts in Valea Doamnelor (The Ladies Valley), and continues to Omu Peak (2505m), the summer route of Babele, Piciorul Cocor, and the Ialomiţa Cave in Valea Horoabelor, the most beautiful valley in the Bucegi mountains.

The Blidaru Citadel

The Dacian citadel from Costesti – Blidaru is the most impressive work of this kind in the area and it was built in two stages.

Located on the Blidaru Hill (705 m altitude) with a great view to the Mures Valley and Sarmisegetusa Regia, the citadel controlled the access to this ancient city. To the east and northeast of Blidaru Citadel, three guard towers were placed and other towers were also watching the surroundings. It is situated on seven peaks, from which the Dacians used to blow the horn to communicate with the neighboring citadels.
There, the Master Teachers used to meet for “The Council of the Elders”, in “The Law of One” Sanctuary, which has a special sacred energetic charge. As testimonials there are the andesite giant steps that once were climbed by the Great Ascended Masters. They were activating in this place in order to open the gate to the other reality.

Sarmizegetusa Regia

The Dacians sacred center, the royal city.

The famous Sarmizegetusa citadel, which is also called Regia, meaning the Royal, lies within the border of the Gradistea Muncelului village, Hunedoara county, and, as all Romanians know, it was the capital of Dacia. The name Sarmi-ze-Getusa stands for “The Covenant of the Brave Ones”. The Sarmizegetusa complex incorporates the citadel, but the major attraction is the spiritual emplacement which consists of numerous sanctuaries and the solar disk. The Dacians had advanced knowledge of Astrology and Sacred Geometry. Sarmizegetusa Regia is an area of high energetic charge, with a pure Nature, with sacred land that still holds the Dacian gold treasure. The surface you step on is glowing, creating the impression that you walk on gold, and the land is energetically charged by the gold and the silver that lies underneath.
At Sarmizegetusa Regia, all the sanctuaries were built in the position of the planets seen in the sky in June, 21st, 65 b.c, position that repeats every 108 years.

The White Faces citadel (Fețele Albe)

The White Faces was exclusively a spiritual settlement which belonged to the Priestesses for thousands years.

The citadel is separated from the Dacia’s capital, Sarmizegetusa Regia, by a narrow valley. The White Faces is the place where the “IELELE” appear, known as “Sânzâiene”. They are ethereal beings that come down from the skies to bless those who come to address them prayers and praise.
It is said that the Priestesses “shaped” the spiritual future of the Dacian kingdom at “The Ancient School of Wisdom”.
The Priestesses had the assignment to form the future women of the community, preparing them from an early age. The aspirants were introduced into the study and use of medicinal herbs and into Law, Psychology, Sociology. The hardest part was the initiation into the Ancient School of Wisdom, which lasted over a period of several years. After tough tests in the first years, the energy field was increasing several times, the fears concerning the physical body were disappearing, the mental self- control was increased and the will, courage and patience were like swords of fire. It was also acquired a special magnetism that could access natural energy flows.

Read more about The White Faces citadel (Fețele Albe) - CLICK HERE !

The techniques used were numerous and consist of acquiring more refined senses. Most techniques were considering having to overcome various obstacles blindfolded using the sense of hearing in different circumstances. It seems that the techniques had the purpose to activate and develop the extrasensory perception of the skin; they also determined a better mental self-control. The energy field of the skin can be extended long enough to be able to perceive shapes, colors, creatures, and others things as the distance increases.
With the aid of this field, one could access the energy that activates certain physical phenomena (movement of the clouds, forming the mist, etc.). Having will, courage, patience and self-control very well trained in the first year, an aspirant (through her field) could control some natural phenomena, such as bringing and dispersing clouds , keeping away wild animals from destroying the crops and attacking the people , rebalancing the energy paths of those who were considered sick, etc.
The ancient school is still activating under the name of “The Ancient School of Wisdom”, which is operating at Sarmizegetusa Regia.

The “Vârtoape” Area

You will never discover this area if you will not be accompanied by a guardian of the area, by a true Dacian.

Among the locals, there are legends and stories about the area, but the mystery is still kept rigorously by them. As one of these guardians advised, “you must surrender in order to penetrate the Vartoape”. Here, there is no electromagnetism, Time stands still, the fatigue disappears like magic and the air is translucent, soft, caressing your face, your hair and your soul. It is an area of rejuvenation. Same as the other places from Sarmisegetusa Valley, the Nature of the “Vartoape” area chooses the tourists itself, some people being accepted and other returned away by its elements. It is an area of portals and there are more than 10 caves inside of which you cannot enter without a profound initiation.

The temple from “Sinca veche”

Romania is full of mysterious places, where unexplained and exciting phenomena happens.

One of these places is in Brasov county and is known as the Temple from Sinca Veche or Temple of the Fates or the Temple of the Aliens.
The temple consists of five rooms, with two altars, and on the ceiling there is a chimney through which you can see the sky. The walls are drawn with different signs, and also with texts in a forgotten or unknown language. There are two symbols that gives uniqueness to this place – a six-pointed star, a hexagram known as the Star of David or the Solomon’s Seal and the Yin-Yang circle. Both of them are esoteric symbols. In here, the Dacian Priestesses used to operate. For a long period of time, the spiritual and administrative activity of the ancient Dacians was lead by the High Priestesses.

They held the highest positions, their status being a very special one. Even within the family, the women had a higher status … It is interesting that no one questioned the woman’s superiority … The Priestesses have imposed spiritual supremacy because they had greater capacity to access the subtle energies than the men had.

The Romanian Sphinx

The Romanian Sphinx is a natural rock formation on a plateau in the Bucegi area of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Sphinx from Bucegi, also called “the Head of the Magnificent” is the face of a Pelasgian entity, Saturn. The Sphinx is the representation of a Supreme Divinity from the Pelasgian times. Its human appearance is associated with an expression of sovereignty and power, this feature being highlighted by the well proportionated face, severe lips and contoured chin. The Pelasgians were prior to the Greeks and their tribes were spread especially in the Aegean Sea area.
It is very well known that the Sphinx from Bucegi shelters the spiritual treasures of humanity. One of the latest discovery was the Holographic Hall of Records which holds all the information about the Universe.

Prometheus’s Aquila

Next to the Sphinx, as a silent guardian of the Magnificent, there is a megalithic sculpture which represents the head, neck, chest and the wings of a giant eagle.

This monumental figure is the mythological eagle who was Prometheus’s torturer, according to ancient legends. The most remarkable specie from the eagle species that dominate the highest peaks of the Carpathians is the Golden Eagle also called “ceahlau” (caelius), meaning “the eagle of the sky”.

Babele (the Old Women) – The cyclopean altars from the Caraiman Mountains

These rocks represented the sanctuaries of the mountain deities.

Between the Prahova Valley and Ialomita Valley, behind the Caraiman Mountain, on the crest that takes you to Omu peak, a beautiful meadow is stretching and in the middle of this glade there is a group of isolated rocks with unusual forms and mysterious aspect. At the foot of these altars the most solemn oaths were made, the persecuted ones were looking for shelter and the most important festivities were celebrated here.
On the peaks of the Bucegi mountain, there is the Sanctuary of Saturn or the Sky and Earth, then a second one, with a round superior surface, which is consecrated to the Sun and the Moon (to Apollo and Diana), and the third one to Mars, the God of War and Agriculture, but also to the feminine divinity, Anna, the closest one to Mars.

Ialomicioara Cave

The cave has 3 levels: the first one is for the tourists, shaped like an S; the next two are harder to cross.

The name of the Ialomiţa cave came from the Dacian language, “jalomit” meaning “to cry”, this cave being known as an ancient place where Dacians celebrated the death of the personality so they can become individual and immortal beings. The first level has many names, the most known are Grota Pustnicului (The Monk’s vault- because some say that the cave was discovered by a monk, Father Teofil, after he had dreamed of the place and the way to it) or Grota lui Zamolxe (Zamolxe’s Vault). At this level you can find one of its most peculiar attractions: somewhere in the stone there is a groove, like a pail, filled with water. The strange thing is that once the water is removed, it starts to “rain” from the ceiling, and it stops when the pail is full with water again.

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Another attraction is Hades Well, a coal pit inside the Ialomiţa Cave: nobody could explain yet why any kind of light just dies inside this groove. The entrance to this cave is guarded by a small hermitage, called Schitul Pestera, built in a very long time because of a long series of weird events. People say that every time they tried to finish this church a lot of hostile natural phenomena stroke the building: fire from the sky, avalanche of stones.


The journey starts here !

Healing with divine light


Accommodation to the hotel – We will welcome you at the airport and transport you to the hotel, for the night. If the flight gets to Romania too late at night, arrangements will be made to spend the night in Bucharest and departing towards Sarmizegetusa the next morning.


Rest at the hotel – Introduction into the mystic Dacians and open discutions on the topic of Sacred Romania. For those coming from overseas, this day is very important for recovering from the jet leg.


Blidaru Citadel – Visit to the ancient citadel, the Blidaru Citadel. You will be taken by the Master Teacher into the core of Nature. You will learn to see the signs which Nature gives us when you are accessing her home. You will have the chance to feel the high energy that surrounds the area, to feel the portals that take you to the citadel and to experience a passing into the other reality at the Sanctuary of “The Law of One”. After returning at the hotel, you will rest, enjoy a great dinner and exchange impressions on the visit to the citadel.


Sarmizegetusa Regia – After having the chance to be taken into the middle of the virgin Nature, higher energy is about to be experienced. It is the day when you will be introduced into the great citadel, the Royal of the Royals, the mysterious and breathtaking Sarmizegetusa Regia. The mysteries surrounding the citadel are numerous and the legends are as captivating and amazing. The Sanctuaries with their columns that reach to the sky are ancient radionics devices that emit and transmit throughout the world. Positioned into the heart of Romania, it is also considered to be the heart of the world, where worlds unite. You will feel like you stepped into another world and other times when the people where giant Gods and the Immortality was a natural state of being.
In the afternoon, we will return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the day.


White Faces citadel – The next citadel will introduce you to the history of the ancient Priestesses, those who lived at the White Faces citadel. Here you will let yourself free to feel their energy that is still present and if you have a true wish from your heat and you are clean and honest, you make a pray and they will hear it. If there is honor and impeccability in your heart, your wish will come true. Returning to the hotel, you can ask questions about what you have experienced and we can all share impressions on the visits.


Vartoape Area – After entering into the Valley of the Golden Thrones, eating the food from the Dacian land, breathing the air of the ancient forests, drinking the water of the forest springs, it is the time to access a very high charged area, where the laws of Physics do not apply, where there is no electromagnetisms. The Nature will put you to the test so she can offer you a great present at the end. You will have the chance to experience an area from heaven, where the body is rejuvenating, the fatigue disappears immediately, your mind will rest and your soul will blossom.


Sinca veche – We say farewell to the Valley of Sarmizegetusa and you will be heading towards the Bucegi Mountains with a stop at the Temple of “Sinca veche”. After visiting the Temple, you will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Bucegi Mountain from Busteni resort, which is located at a 900 m altitudine.


The Sphynx and the Old Women – This is the day that you will be facing the Magnificent from the Bucegi Plateau. The Old Women will be just at his side and the Eagle watching carefully over the horizon. The landscapes are amazing and the energy is overwhelming. You will feel on top of the world, like the Giants that once resided in this area.


Ialomicioara Cave – The day before the departure you will feel like home already. You will make a visit to the mysterious Ialomicioara Cave and will be enjoying the rest of the day next to the Kogaion Secret Travel team. We will have lots of information to share and lots of legends to tell.


Departure from Otopeni Airport.

You are welcomed to return to get into the sacred knowledge of the Hyperboreans. If you want to get initiated into the Ancient School of Wisdom, you will have to announce and register to the School so your next visit will be a step towards the natural state of the Dacians, to Immortality.