7-Day Exclusive Introduction Trip Itinerary


Exclusive Meeting with Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen, Knight of the Warrior Knights from Agartha



Personal Message from TAMARINDA MAASSEN


KOGAION SECRET TRAVEL is honored to intercede the Exclusive meeting with Ambassador TAMARINDA MAASSEN, Knight of the Warrior Knights from Agartha. During this exclusive meeting, you will have the privilege to be introduced into the sacred wisdom of the ancient Dacians, and also into the limitless spiritual knowledge of the ancient civilizations from Agartha. You will have, as well, the great chance to learn about the medicine of the future, with the technologies underlying it and about the healing and self-healing methods of the future.
This itinerary has been conceived to meet those wishing to ascend to a greater consciousness, to a healthy life, to an elevating and bright future.

We are expecting with great joy all those thirsting for knowledge and truth. This is a 7 days itinerary and will take place in the heart of Romania, in the area where humanity was born and is about to be reborn again, at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Hunedoara county.
The accommodation will be done at the guest houses in the area, in double rooms with single or double beds. Due to the powerful energy charge of the event, the itinerary will include 3 meals/day. All the food which is served during the event is 100% natural, organic with vegetables, fruits and dairies coming from the residents’ farms of Sarmisegetusa Valley. Also, the guests have the chance to purchase Natural Spring Water with Colloidal Silver, Natural Spring Water with Colloidal Gold and Natural Spring Water with Monoatomic Gold from the natural source which springs from Inner Earth.

Also, we want to mention that for the foreign tourists with a significantly different time zone, we will conceive a special schedule so that tourists can recover from the long flight and adapt to the new climate and time zone. Certain activities are subject to change depending on tourists’ condition, their desires, but also depending on other external factors (weather, temperature, atmospheric pressure).

7-Day Exclusive Introduction Trip Itinerary



Friday – Tourists depart from their respective locations and fly to Romania.


WELCOME TO ROMANIA – The KST & SST TEAM STAFF members will welcome you at the Bucharest (OTP) airport upon arrival in Bucharest. You will be taken from Otopeni by bus/minivan and transported to Sarmizegetusa Valley. Arrival at the guest house in the evening. Accommodations will be made to provide our guests a warm and traditional (100% organic) welcome Romanian dinner.


EXCLUSIVE MEETING WITH TAMARINDA MAASEN – Guests will have the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen, Knight of the Warrior Knights from Agartha. Tamarinda will give a presentation regarding the importance of this 7 day exclusive introductory trip on a personal and collective level. An open discussion on the topic of Sacred Romania and introduction to the mystic Dacians will be made. Tamarinda has agreed to give a candid Q&A session for all guests in which will speak about Romania’s sacred sites, upcoming global events, and the necessity of preparing our consciousness.


SHATI DEUS QUANTUM SPACE MEDICINE – Introduction and presentation of technology and devices – applications. Guests will be provided a special introductory lecture on the technological devices and applications of “Quantum Space Medicine”. Tamarinda will share her advanced knowledge on the latest and most effective healing modalities to purge the body/mind of any illness and cure oneself of any disease in order to achieve perfect health. In this session, you will be presented the technology that destroys the pathogenic microorganisms. These microorganisms are causing serious diseases, and implicitly the death of people. There will be practical exemplifications on willing participants.


ZAMOLXIAN SCHOOL – The High Dacian Priestesses and the Solomonari – applications. For a long period of time, the spiritual and administrative activity of the ancient Dacians was ruled by the High Priestesses. They held the highest positions, their status being a very special one. Those who were selected to be Priestesses, followed a long period of training and they had to pass some tests by the end of the training. Some of the tests were extremely tough. Usually, the training went off in three stages, for three different levels of initiation. Each level lasted three years. So the powers that a priestess achieved after three years of tests were very high. Special energies were accessed and used, energies that are unimaginable for our today profane. The High Priestesses lived near the energetic centers of the Carpathian matrix and they were in constant telepathic connection with the High Spirits (solar beings, extraterrestrial beings, energetic beings, fluid beings fluid, Inner Earth beings). The Solomonari are the righteous and unbending guardians of the ancient wisdom, the silent guardians of the sacred places, but also the pathfinders. These guardians are those who manage to live between two worlds, the outside world and the inner world. They are the ones who mastered the world of humans, who died for this world in order to be reborn into a new world, on a new Earth, where Time does not exist anymore and Immortality is the natural state of being. The Solomonari were part of the Zamolxian School, the ancient school which also contained the initiation school of the ancient Dacian Priestesses, a school full of mystery that can be reached only by the ones which, with a honest desire in their soul, choose to transcend the human condition, choose to give up the false ego, the false identity of the illusion and to walk upright on the side of those who come from beyond the clouds, from the Land of Immortals.


ANCIENT SCHOOL OF WISDOM – applications. “The Ancient School of Wisdom has always existed. It represents the School of Wisdom of the Hyperboreans, afterwards the school of the Dacians, who knew and believed in Immortality. The School, all it represents is to become lucid—to know—to know everything. It is the Science of Knowing. In this school is about what is already known and what is not known, having the choice to make the unknown known from all the potentials of the existence of life. You will learn through strict methods, by a very dynamic exercise how we can distinguish between the human part and the spiritual part, becoming one with God. You will learn that you are more than just being your name, your body, that you are extraordinary and magnificent beings, that you are loved beyond measure and that you are the greatest treasure of the Universe. You just have to remember!” – TAMARINDA MAASSEN, Ambassador of Agartha.


THE ART OF DREAMING – When we succeed to look disengaged to our life, we get touched by the unknown thrill of the eternal mystery which is always present next to us and inside of us. We don’t know anything about this world same as we don’t know our selves. It is like the twilight would always catch us on the road again and we would be away from home once more. We are sleeping when we are awake here and we wake up just in our short moments of our dreams. The Art of Dreaming is a technique used by the ancient civilizations, being transmitted from generation to generation with great mystery. Conscious dreaming is one of the modalities to become free. The Art of Dreaming, as a study, represents the passing to the others realities, lucidly and consciously.
In the evening, we will have a warm farewell dinner and share experiences and impressions from over the week.


FAMILY STYLE GATHERING – Before departing to the airport, all guests will be treated to a completely organic family style breakfast and then off to transfer to the airport, in Bucharest.


All guests are expected to arrive home on this date. Please know that all of you are always welcome to return and learn more about the sacred knowledge of the Hyperboreans.

©The event is organized by Kogaion Secret Travel™ – Romania and Sacred Spirit Tours™ – USA.



This is an exclusive meeting and opportunity to learn from Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen, Knight of the Warrior Knights from Agartha