Initiation camp into the mysteries of the Solomonari

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Period of time: 7 days

Location: The Valley of the Golden Thrones, Sarmisegetusa Regia

Event Organizer: Kogaion Secret Travel

Special guest & Mentor: Tamarinda Maassen: Knight of the Order of the Warrior Knights from Agartha, Ambassador of Agartha, Master Teacher of the Ancient School of Wisdom

Purpose: Initiation into the secret mysteries of the Solomonari

The Romanian legends consider the Solomonari as being sacred and upstanding people, meaning that they are instruments of divine justice representing the moral value of humans. They are the righteous and unbending guardians of the ancient wisdom, the silent guardians of the sacred places, but also the pathfinders. These guardians are those who manage to live between two worlds, the outside world and the inner world. They are the ones who mastered the world of humans, who died for this world in order to be reborn into a new world, on a new Earth, where Time does not exist anymore and Immortality is the natural state of being.
The tradition says that the Solomonari walk through the villages as beggars and if they are not being properly welcomed, they get angry and bring on the hailstone around the village boundaries destroying the crop and the goods. Everything that the Solomonari receive (although, as it is said in many accounts, they do not need anything) they throw it into the rivers for the evil spirits.
The Solomonari are found in the folk mythology under different names such as: Grindinari, Hultani, Ghetari, Clouds cleansers, Salmani or Zgrebuntasi.

The Solomonari – the initiates of Zamolxes

The name of “Salmani” takes us to a direct filiation with Zamolxes because some of the historic sources are certifying the word “Salmoxe” as being a derivative from the name of the great Dacian God. Studying this name, we find out that “Salman” is a composed word: “sal + man” which, same as in this case, appoints a semi-divine character – the Zamolxian initiate. “Sal”, derived from “Zal”, the root of the divine name Zalmolxe, which means Zeul Mos (Old Man God), one of the epithets used to designate Zamolxes as a root of Gods and humans as well, proves abundantly the fact that the Solomonari were Zamolxian priests. On the other hand, the particle “man”, put next to some of the words used in the Romanian vocabulary, has the meaning of “big, great” (great man). Thus, man and divinity are reunited to give birth to the initiate who knows about the mysteries of this world and those of the other world. The name of “Salman” given to the Solomonari has nothing to do with the Hebrew history and spirituality and has not affiliation with the Hebrew king Solomon, but it appoints to the man who passed successfully the stages of the Zamolxian initiation, getting to be assimilated with the God, through the initiative death of the personality in order to be reborn for the other world, for a new civilization.
The Solomonari were part of the Zamolxian School, the ancient school which also contained the initiation school of the ancient Dacian Priestesses, a school full of mystery that can be reached only by the ones which, with a honest desire in their soul, choose to transcend the human condition, choose to give up the false ego, the false identity of the illusion and to walk upright on the side of those who come from beyond the clouds, from the Land of Immortals.
This school of the Solomonari existed before and exists today also, under the name of The Ancient School of Wisdom, which operates in the most sacred realm in the world, the Valley of the Golden Thrones, Sarmisegetusa Regia.
We are waiting for you with great joy into the cradle of Humanity, into the core of Romania.
The choice is yours!